The Private Pilot License

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What is a private pilot? Well it's the first step of many in your aviation career. A private pilot license allows you to fly small single engine aircraft in good weather. Before you obtain your private license you are considered a student pilot. A student pilot learns basic aircraft handling, in-flight maneuvers, navigation, and FAA regulations over a period of approximately 40-60hrs of flying.

Where do you learn to fly? Well let?s talk about few options. One common way is to go to your local airport and visit the FBO. What?s a FBO? The FBO or Fixed Base Operator is a business that specializes in aviation services such as aircraft maintenance, fueling, and charter services. Many FBO?s operate a flight school in addition to their other services. The FBO can be found at almost every airport and information on them can be found in the local phone book under flight schools, aircraft charters, and aircraft maintenance. Most FBO's offer introductory flights at a low price. This can be a good introduction to flying and provide the ?itch? to start flying.

In addition to FBO's many state and private universities offer flight programs with a degree in the aviation field. These are usually highly structured and fast paced method of flight training. As soon as one license is obtained you are immediately moved on to the next level of training. Most universities gear their program towards individuals seeking a career as a professional pilot. They allow you to obtain all your licenses and ratings in a short amount of time and can help with career networking and placement upon graduation.

After you complete your private pilot training you can widen the capabilities of your license by getting an instrument and multi-engine rating. An additional rating allows you to do more things with your license, such as flying in bad weather or fly larger aircraft with more than one engine.

Follow the links below to learn more about the FAA requirements for a private pilot license, the costs, and how to obtain an instrument and multi-engine ratings.

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