The Multi-Engine Rating

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What can you do with a multi-engine rating? Well, it allows you to break out of the world of single engine aircraft. You get your chance to finally fly what most people consider a real airplane. More than one engine, high performance, fast and usually decked out for instrument flying. Along with the benefits of a multi-engine there are some challenges. Like how the aircraft performs and handles after the failure of one engine. In addition to the non-normal procedures of single engine flying, normal operations can be challenging at first due to the speed and complexity of multi-engine aircraft.

Depending on what type of aircraft you do your multi in, it may be your first exposure to such advanced systems as turbo-charged engines, auto-pilots, ice-protection, weather radar, GPS and more. The kind of bells and whistles that make pilots salivate. All of these are of importance as the aircraft you fly professionally down road are going be equipped with these advanced systems.

By now if your looking into obtaining your multi-engine rating your are well aware of the fact that with an extra engine, more ponies under the cowling, and all those nifty toys in the cockpit your going to have to pay quite a bit more per hour than when you got your private. However it doesn't take 60hrs of flying to get your multi rating. Hence the creation of this website! In addition to providing you resources to get you through your training we will soon be adding a web-based search engine that allows you to search airports in your area for the best price on aircraft rentals. Because we all know that the key to getting that first corporate or airline job is to get the flight time and more importantly, multi-engine flight time.

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