The Instrument Rating

What can I do with an instrument rating? Well its allows the private to fly in weather that would otherwise ground a private pilot flying under visual flight rules. By learning to fly solely by reference to cockpit instruments it allows you to fly in clouds and low visibility without ever having to see the ground. During your instrument training you will learn to fly instrument approaches, holding patterns as well as acquire a more in depth knowledge of weather. Along with new maneuvers go new regulations governing instrument flight rules that must be learned in along with flying.

Where do I get an instrument rating? The same place you got your initial private license, almost all flight schools, big or small, can provide the instruction and the properly equipped aircraft for flight under instrument flight rules. Instrument training and flying is considered one of the most challenging but yet most rewarding phases of your flight training. During your training you gain exposure to the real world type of the flying. The type of flying most professional pilots do day and day out.

Follow the links to bellow to learn more about the FAA requirements for an instrument rating and valuable training resources.

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