The Flight Instructor License

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So now you want teach others to fly! Even though you are now teaching others to fly, you are now going to learn more about flying than you ever did as a student. By teaching others you will learn how well you really know the subject matter because its one thing to learn something but to teach others you have to posses a level of understanding beyond the level of rote memorization. You also get a chance to observe. You get to see the mistakes a student makes, what works and what doesn't and why these mistakes occur.

In addition to knowing your stuff you have to be able to transfer it from your brain to the students. Guess what? Your brain doesn't work the same way as your students. So now you are a student of human interaction and communications. You now have to learn new ways of communicating. Students come from all over the world to learn how to fly, so language can be a big barrier!

Follow the link below to FAA requirements for the flight instructor license.

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