The Airline Transport Pilot License

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The Airline Transport Pilot license or ATP is the pinnacle of your aviation career. By the time you have reached this level you are now a professional pilot. The ATP is required in order to be the pilot in command for an airline, corporate flight department, or charter operator. Usually required for insurance reasons it signifies that you and you alone are ultimately responsible for the safety and well being of the passengers or cargo aboard your aircraft.

Your ATP license can be obtained just like any other license or rating through training and the appropriate sign off, or usually its obtained through your employer. Most folks start out in the right seat at a regional airline or charter outfit. After paying their dues the company they work for puts them through the training required to obtain your ATP. Many times this is combined with at type rating in the aircraft you fly, if its required.

Follow the links below to learn more about what it takes to obtain your ATP, flight schools specializing in ATP training for ex-military, and links to help you find a job so that hopefully you don't have to pay for your ATP yourself. Also included are the FAA requirements for ATP certification as well more information on type ratings.

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